Wales is a land not often associated with it’s musical performers.  There has been a few popular acts here and there but nothing to shake a stick at, if shaking sticks is your thing.  I’m here today to talk you about the wonderful Welsh band Mclusky.  Mclusky filled a niche that few other bands have, their unique sound is unmistakable.  In my humble opinion they are a extremely overlooked band.  These guys were top notch, on par with any other rock act.

If I had to compare Mclusky’s music to other bands I’d say it’s a mix between Blur and the Pixies.  It’s good quirky alternative rock with thick accents.  Some songs are relaxed straight forward rockish type tunes while others contain crazed frenzies about nothing, it’s a good mix of both.  The lineup is your standard rock three piece (guitar, bass, drums) and the players were Andy Falkous, Jonathan Chapple, Jack Egglestone respectively.

Unfortunately Mclusky is no longer with us.  They imploded in 2005 due to disagreements within the band.  It really is a shame because they had been churning out quality albums bi annually since 2000. The rumor is the break up had something to do with the theft of equipment during a US tour.  I’m ashamed that potentially some of my fellow US citizens were involved in wrecking such a good band.  After the break up the members split apart geographirockin outcally and now live on different continents so we’re unlikely to ever see a Mclusky reunion, we must cherish the few recordings we have!  It is kinda funny though because many of their songs are about disagreements within the band.  If you listen to the lyrics you’ll hear “fuck this band” quite a few times on one of the albums.  Almost like in their subconscious they knew they were doomed as a group.

The following are Mclusky’s main LP length releases.  These albums can be tough to get in the US as they are imports and it seems they have a limited pressing schedule.  I had to get a couple of mine used.

1) My Pain and Sadness is More Sad and Painful Than Yours (2000)
2) Mclusky Do Dallas (2002)
3) The Difference Between Me and You Is That I’m Not on Fire (2004)
4) Mcluskyism[a collection of singles] (2006)

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