Dag Nasty

Dag Nasty

Dag Nasty was the right band at the right time.  Their emergence into the DC punk scene of the mid 80′s hit the punk world when the stars were aligned and influenced youth and other musicians for years to come.  They broke the mold for punk/hardcore music up until that time by playing a more melodic form.  With out their entry punk rock music would be much different today.

It’s hard to compare Dag Nasty to any other band because they were just so original.  I was introduced to them as a young teen and fell in love right away.  Their song subjects were easily identifiable for me back then.  They really helped sooth my teen angst.  Yet with that said I can still enjoy them today not just for nostalgic reasons but because they stand on their on as good catchy music.

The band has had multiple members over the years although the core of the group has been, Brian Baker(guitar), Roger Marbury(bass) and Colin Sears(drums).  Dag Nasty has had some great singers.  With many bands you can mark their high points an low points by their singers, sudden changes in vocal styles can kill a fan base as that is the most  identifiable instrument for most people.  Dag Nasty never had this problem though, Shawn Brown, Dave Smalley and Peter Cortner were all fantastic singers.  Each has his own unique vocal style that put a slightly different spin on the songs while not changing them too much and keeping them true to their origins.

Of all the Dag Nasty catalog my favorite is Can I Say.  Dave Smalley sings on it and it is truly a piece of punk rock history.  One thing that’s a little unusual is since the band separated in the late 80′s they’ve gotten together a couple times to record reunion albums(of sorts).  This is the case for Four on the Floor and Minority of One.  In both occasions a group of the ex band members happened to be at the same location for a period of time and they ended up playing together.  The fruit of these meetings just happened to a ablum.  No follow up tours or anything, they just released the albums and got back to what they were doing previously.  A list of Dag Nasty’s major releases looks something like this…

1) Can I say (1986)
2) Wig out at Denko’s (1987)
3) Field Day (1988)
4) 85-86 (1991)
5) Four on the Floor (1992)
6) Minority of One (2002)

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