Del tha Funkee Homosapien

Del tha Funkee Homosapien released his first album in 1991 and has been active in the rap community ever since(at times more then others).  He got his start partially because of his cousin, Ice Cube(for those that don’t know Ice Cube was a founding member of NWA, a group that was the originator of hard core rap).  Ice Cube produced Del’s first album and I’m sure paved the way for it’s release or at least had the right connections. After it’s release though Del wasn’t happy with it’s overall direction and left Ice Cube’s wing to play more of a role in the production of his future albums.

Hailing from Oakland California Del was one of the first rappers to represent Oakland area and it’s take on Hip Hop music.  After his first album he become a founding member of the rap crew Hieroglyphics.  A few other rappers have come out of the Hieroglyphics crew to make names for themselves.  Still active today the crew has been a springboard for quality, original Oakland California rap music.  A few years back Del recorded some songs with the Brittian based alt-group Gorillaz.  Unfortunately he wasn’t requested to contribute to their future albums though.

Del tha Funkee Homosapien’s rapping oozes with his own unique style.  His annunciation and choice of words are top notch.  While I can’t speak specifically for his DJs (I’d imagine he’s had multiple through the years) the beats are original.  No overused samples or anything of the sort.  Generally Del isn’t a huge potty mouth but there are few songs where he lets lose.  So definitely pay attention to the Parental Advisories if the use of cussing is important to you.

You’d think with all the years and experience under his belt Del would be more popular but if you try to look for his albums you’ll find some of them are tricky to get a hold of.  Del has contributed toDel and a floppy hat. dozens of projects, you could look into the Deltron 3030 albums, Hieroglyphics albums or the first Gorillaz to name a few but of his own releases they go something like this…

1) I Wish My Brother George Was Here [1991]
2) No Need for Alarm [1993]
3) Future Development [1998]
4) Both Sides of the Brain [2000]
5) Eleventh Hour [2008]

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