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The Odd Numbers - Retrofitted For Today

The Odd Numbers are a mod rock band founded in 1988 and based in California.  They are best known for having their music used in a few skateboarding videos in the nineties, most notably a few of the early New Deal videos.  That’s actually where I first heard them, their songs were used for a large portion of the score of “Useless Wooden Toys”, New Deal’s first video.  This left a lasting impression on me because their music still gets me stoked today.

The band’s members go like this, Dave Baisa(guitar, vocals), Dave Miller(bass), John Cummings(drums).  The line up hasn’t ever changed so there’s not much to discuss there.  In fact The Odd Numbers are a pretty illusive band.  Even to this day it’s impossible to find a complete discography for them online, no wiki-page resource either like most bands, just a MySpace page with very limited info. I mean there are some really obscure bands that you can research online, bands that only existed for a year, came out with a single album, then disappeared.  And then there’s these guys with 4+ albums, a bunch of singles and hardly any online representation.  Strange, strange indeed, it’s like they are trying to avoid attention which they may be and if so more power to them.

As I mentioned earlier all the discographies I’ve found for these guys are incomplete.  I have drawn some of my own conclusions about their catalog though.  Their first album(and one of their best) About Time is really hard to get right now.  Near impossible.  People are charging like $40 for used copies of it on CD.  From what I can tell this is because it’s out of print, at least partially because the last song on the album was a unlicensed cover of a Otis Redding song, Sweet Soul Music.  The only way I could get the album was through a mp3 store and then without Sweet Soul Music.  The other album I should mention is Jazz Cigarettes, which is a collection of all of their early single releases which sounds great on the outset but in reality it’s has a lot of duplicate songs that are also on their normal albums.  So you may want to avoid that one.rockin out

The main Odd Numbers releases go something like this(I’m not even gonna try to take a shot at the singles).

1) About Time [1990]
2) Retrofitted for Today [1994]
3) Jazz Cigarettes(singles comp) [1996]
4) A Guide to Modern Living [1997]
5) The Trials And Tribulations Of The Odd Numbers [2001]

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