The Freight Hoppers

My father used to rent rooms and he’d get all sorts of interesting transients staying with him.  I had only been playing old time fiddle for a couple months when my dad asked me if I’d like to come and play with a traveling guitarist that had been staying with him.  Eager to play with [...]

Gang Starr

Gang Starr with a handful of other acts defined the New York hip hop sound in the late eighties, early nineties.  Oddly enough the primary founder of Gang Starr, Guru, isn’t even from New York City, he was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts but after years lived in Boston he decided to move down [...]

Elton John

To the uninformed Elton John may have seemed like a flamboyant one hit wonder at the end of his twenty year time in the spotlight back in the early nineties.  Not too much has been heard of him since then, a few songs on a movie score here and there but nothing like his former [...]

Samuel James

Samuel James plays the blues.  Is he from New Orleans? Chicago?  New York City?  Nope, none of those.  Samuel James is a from Maine, not only that but he’s in his twenties.  He’s part of a new generation of musicians breathing life back into a music that while faltering in popularity is extremely important to [...]

April March

1960′s French pop music isn’t exactly a genre that gets much play these days.  However in the case of April March she has revived it and given it new life.  For those unaware, while the USA was in the midst of a musical revolution in the 60′s so was France.  One of the types of [...]