April March

April March circa 1996

1960′s French pop music isn’t exactly a genre that gets much play these days.  However in the case of April March she has revived it and given it new life.  For those unaware, while the USA was in the midst of a musical revolution in the 60′s so was France.  One of the types of music to come out of that crazy time was Yé Yé, a form of female vocal driven pop music, very sixties-esk and very bubblegum, upbeat, happy, simple.  While April March was born and resides in the USA at present she spent time in France as an exchange student.  This exposure to French culture would explain her ability to present such a good example of French influenced pop music.  As a side note I’d like to mention that April worked as a animator in the USA on some pretty cool shows, Ren and Stimpy, Pee Wee’s Playhouse and even wrote and recorded the theme song for I Am Weasel, a excellent Cartoon Network show that now longer exists.

While I wouldn’t consider April March’s music to be an exact emulation of it’s French counterpart the influence is apparent from the get-go, especially on her early releases, while her later material is at times more of a French themed electronica with April’s vocals.  On all of her albums April switches back and forth from English to French.  This further creates a seemingly accurate portrayal of the 60′s pop theme but there are also plenty of songs in English as to not scare away those die hard English speakers out there.  The instrumentation sets the tone even before April opens her mouth many songs are laden with organs, horns, twangy Bondish type guitars very much setting the tone for some catchy lyrics.

Of all of April’s albums my favorite has to be Chominance Decoder, it is top notch from beginning to end with extremely playful tunes in her signature style.  April March’s stateside releases go something like this.  In addition there were about double the releases overseas but good luck getting a hold of any of those…

1) Paris In April [1995]
2) April March Sings Along With The Makers [1997]
3) Chrominance Decoder [1999]
4) Triggers [2002]
5) Magic Monsters [2008]

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