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The Prodigy is a techno group that got it’s start in 1990.  Hailing from Essex, England the core of The Prodigy is made up of one man, Liam Howlett.  Over the years The Prodigy has had countless contributors of various backgrounds from rock, to rap even straight up dancers.  In the early nineties youth culture was supportive of a social activity called a rave.  For those that don’t know a rave was a party driven by electronic music and at these parties kids got high on various “party” drugs and danced silly.  Pretty much a dance club with younger crowd all hopped up on illegal drugs without the worry of going to work in the morning, all the while with electronic music blaring in the background.  Anyway, this underground world is where The Prodigy got it’s name and found it’s first major audience.  In a way The Prodigy helped drive the popularity of raves, besides the drugs and loose women.  I was a youth at the time of Progidy’s first arrival in the states and loved them from first listen.  More then once I thought of trekking into NYC to witness the spectacle of a rave although I wasn’t much for the drug scene The Prodigy - Experienceso I passed on the idea(yea I know, a party pooper I am).

The Prodigy’s music is extremely original, even today.  Their tracks are structured more like a rock song then that of a typical electronic tune.  There aren’t any 12 minute long songs of the same 2 second samples, intended to put you into a trance, granted there are songs that may have that effect on you but the overall atmostphere of the music is more chaotic.  The Prodigy considers its genre to be “hard dance” so these tunes are more intended to get you to dance, hard.  No room for soft dancing here, that is not it’s intent.  Keep your slippers and pillows at home cause these songs are all about stone and iron.  Prodigy is known for using a lot of vocals and guitar riffs which can be duplicated at live shows with actual singers and musicians.  They also are one of the few groups I know of that list dancers as members of the group.  All this makes for a great live show and from what I’ve been told Prodigy shows are the bees knees.

Off the cusp if I’m forced to judge I’m going to say Prodigy albums are best from their first album on up.  “Out of Space”, a song from their first album is was hooked me.  They are all quality albums so you really can’t go wrong.  Another thing I should mention is that there are a dozens of Prodigy singles out there, many containing remixes and many of these remixes are of the high quality of the original tune and mixed by Liam Howlett himself.  So don’t be scared, if you like the LPs grab some of the singles, in most cases they don’t contain duplicates of the songs on the LPs.  The Prodigy’s LP release catalog looks like this…

1) Experience [1992]
2) Music for the Jilted Generation [1994]
3) The Fat of the Land [1997]
4) Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned [2004]
5) Invaders Must Die [2009]

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