The Grates

The Grates - Teeth Lost, Hearts Won

The Grates are a band I admittedly haven’t been listening to for long, only about 6 months.  At that time I had starting sharing music with a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a long time and he referred me to them.  I gotta say I fell in love with their music from first listen.  I’ve read quotes from the band as saying that their main focus is to have fun and that really comes across in their music.  There’s less focus on virtuosity and more on pumping out some really simplistic catchy songs thick with layered tracks of various instrumentation.

The Grates are from Brisbane Australia.  The primary three members are Patience Hodgson, John Patterson and Alana Skyring.  I’ve never seen them live but I’d imagine they need more musicians for live performances since Patience isn’t credited as playing anything besides vocals.  I suppose their genre would be alternative rock since the prominent instrumentation on the albums is your typical guitar, drum, bass.  Although rarely are they the only instruments on a track among others synthesizers are used quite frequently as well.  Patience is the perfect singer for this band and without her I don’t think it would be as special.  Her enthusiastic vocals completely set the tone.  Song topics are great with some unique lyrics if you listen to them.  Topics include, lovers, babies, life changes, for the most part the typical stuff you’d expect from a band of this type.

I’d imagine if I were a girl I’d like The Grates are a great girl break up band.  Like if you broke up with you boyfriend and need a rockin distraction The Grates would fit that bill perfectly, or not, who knows.  As of today The Grates have two full length albums…

1) Gravity Won’t Get You High [2006]
2) Teeth Lost, Hearts Won [2008]

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