The Police

The Police were totally killer dudes.

The Police were a rock band that was founded in London, England in 1977 by Stewart Copeland.  They were one of the first bands to successfully integrate a reggae sound into white-boy music and the achievement garnered them great success.  They have had multiple platinum albums, top ten singles and played countless sold out shows but all that aside The Police were a great band with an original sound.  Given the musical climate at the time The Police were vital in setting the stage for the surge of alternate acts that came in the early eighties.  You can hear their influence in acts from New Wave to Punk from that era.

The main lineup of The Police was Sting on vocals/bass, Copeland on drums and Andy Summers on guitar.  Early on the lineup changed around a little bit but things settled down within the first year or so.  The combination of Sting’s vocals with the musical stylings of Copeland and Summers created a sound that I can honestly say I haven’t heard duplicated to this day.  Their songs had such a unique ambiance, they had a real knack at setting a upbeat yet subdued tone.  After the band’s breakup all members went their separate ways on solo projects while some were more successful then others.  I’ll get into some of the Police spin offs at a later date.

The Police managed to create 5 albums between 1977 and when the band fell apart in 1984.  I’m gonna have to admit something here, I’ve committed a music nerd taboo by only owning a Police anthology-type-deal which is a collection of a bunch of their more popular songs.  As a result of this travesty I cannot comment as to the pluses and minuses of each album.  Although if I were to buy one(and I may have to after my admitting my sin) I would probably start with “Synchronicity” as I’ve read many good things about it.

The Police catalog of studio releases looks like this…

1) Outlandos d’Amour [1978]
2) Reggatta de Blanc [1979]
3) Zenyattà Mondatta [1980]
4) Ghost in the Machine [1981]
5) Synchronicity [1983]

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