Lil’ Rev

Lil’ Rev is a folk musician from Milwaukee Wisconsin. He plays many instruments but for me his ukulele playing is what sets him apart. His blues playing in particular with the uke is fantastic. An instrument that you normally identify with jolly island themes suddenly takes on the soulful mood of a guitar in the [...]


In the metal world just a handful of bands were the front runners of the style, the forefathers so to speak that set the stage for everyone to follow and Slayer is one of those elite few. Slayer was founded in 1981 in Huntington Park California by the band’s two guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry [...]

Petula Clark

Petula Clark was one of the most popular British female pop vocals during the sixties and seventies. In that time she had 15 consecutive number one hits, that’s some serious business an achievement matched by few.   While she is primarily known as a pop singer Petula also has acted in a great many movies, performed [...]

De La Soul

I first heard De La Soul on Yo! MTV Raps back in 1990, the song was “Me, Myself and I”. At the time I didn’t think much of it the song was catchy but didn’t make me want to run out and buy the album or single to attain it for my personal collection. That [...]

Louie Prima

Louie Prima’s family emigrated from Sicily, Italy to New Orleans in the early 1900′s. At the time of Louie’s youth, in the 1920′s, New Orleans was a hot bed for early jazz, dixieland and swing music. This environment created some of our great musical visionaries, such as the trumpet player Louis Armstrong, and Louie Prima [...]