Murder City Devils

Formed in 1996 Murder Murder City Devils = hunky dudesCity Devils are a rock band from Seattle, Washington. I’d consider MCD a hard rock band although I’ve heard them compared to garage rock, whatever the classification they’ve pumped out some killer tunes. The original line up of the band was Spencer Moody, Dann Gallucci, Derek Fudesco, Coady Willis, and Nate Manny. After the first album Leslie Hardy was brought on to play keyboards. Give or take some sick days here or there this since person line up has remained.

What makes Murder City Devils special to me is their song content, it has a dark tone, not Gothic and not like the exploding puppies tone set by death metal. More of a common man’s blues tone, like life sucks but you just gotta trudge through it. The vocals by Spencer Moody are spot on. He has a powerful manly voice. He puts emotion into the songs where warranted but not too much so he doesn’t come off whiny. You get the feeling that rather then cry he’d prefer get drunk and get in a fight with a postal box. This tude perfectly matches the tone of the instrumentation. Without his abilities MCD just wouldn’t be what they are. Another thing that sets MCD apart is it’s use of an organ, not a “real” organ but a keyboard with an organ setting(of course). You simply don’t hear organs too much in this type of music and this one it truly rocks. As stated earlier Leslie Hardy has been manning the keyboards since 1998 and a spectacular job she has done. Most of my favorite MCD tunes have Leslie’s playing on them.

MCD broke up officially in 2003 and even marked their break up with a official live recording of their final show. But like all bands that make such a big tado over breaking up they have been reunited on multiple occasions since and are currently considered back together with multiple show dates set for 2009. So far no albums have come out of it so we’ll see if they are back for good or just trying to pay off the mortgage. Either way their back catalog is still killer so it’s cool to know they are roaming around playing those tunes.

Murder City Devils doesn’t have a huge catalog which is kind of sad. Besides a bunch of 7 inches they have 3 LPs, a EP and a live album. My favorite would be “In Name and Blood” with “Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts” running a close second.

1) The Murder City Devils [1997]
2) Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts [1998]
3) In Name and Blood [2000]
4) Thelema [2001]
5) R.I.P. [2003]

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