Cake in a room.

Cake is a quirky rock band from Sacramento California. I first discovered Cake like many others did, when their hit “The Distance” made it to the air waves in 1996. I will admit I wasn’t immediately intrigued enough by them to actually make a purchase though. While I looked forward to their songs coming on the radio that was about it. It would be a months later when my girlfriend(now wife) picked up their album “Fashion Nugget” that I was really exposed to the bulk of their music. It was when I could listen to one of their albums from beginning to end that I began to truly appreciate what they did and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Cake was founded in 1991 by John McCrea, Greg Brown, Vince DiFiore, Shon Meckfessel and Frank French. While over the years members have came and went the two lasting members have been John McCrea(vocals, guitar) and Vince DiFiore(trumpet). For some reason the bulk of Cake’s past members have gotten together and formed a band that plays a more standard form alternative rock music and I gotta say I found their musical contributions through Cake to be much more appealing, truly a shame because in my opinion Cake has suffered at least a little from their departures as well. Even without all those founding members Cake is still truckin though. While not terribly active now-a-days they were a big act in the late nineties early 00′s. Although from what I understand they are becoming more active as of late with a ’09 tour underway and a new studio album set for 2009 as well, the first in five years.

I love Cake’s music. It’s upbeat yet relaxed. They use a lot of varied instruments which keeps it fresh from song to song. Not just your standard bass, guitar, drums. Currently they have six official releases, in addition to a rarities/B side album they have five studio albums. My recommendation to anyone interested in Cake is to listen to any of the middle three. Their first album and last I find to be not quite as consistent.

1) Motorcade of Generosity [1994]
2) Fashion Nugget [1996]
3) Prolonging the Magic [1998]
4) Comfort Eagle [2001]
5) Pressure Chief [2004]
6) B-Sides and Rarities [2007]

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