Internet Archive: Live Music Archive

I’m going to change things up a bit today to discuss a fantastic website for discovering live recordings by your favorite artists(maybe). The site’s name is “Live Music Archive” and it is to be found at This site is a sub-site of the Internet Archive collective. According to the Internet Archive their goal goes [...]

Minor Threat

Minor Threat entered the Washington DC hardcore scene in 1980 and set the stage for pretty much all hardcore acts to follow. Their lyrical content, song structure and production quality created a listening experience that was bar none at that time. I honestly can’t say where I first heard Minor Threat. I was barely in [...]


Cake is a quirky rock band from Sacramento California. I first discovered Cake like many others did, when their hit “The Distance” made it to the air waves in 1996. I will admit I wasn’t immediately intrigued enough by them to actually make a purchase though. While I looked forward to their songs coming on [...]

Steely Dan

When I was a wee lad my mother was going to medical school to become an RN. My father was working full time at a heavy machinery factory so subsequently my mother had to take me with her to college and I’d spend the day in day care. I was only three or four years [...]