Tiger Trap

The lovely lasses of Tiger Trap.
When I was lad and in the midst exploring the indi-rock scene everything was done by mail order. The biggest problem with mail order is you rarely got to hear a band prior to making a purchase, unless a friend happened to already have the recording or you were lucky enough to hear them on the radio. The mail order folks made up for this by having healthy descriptions of the recordings in the catalogs. Nothing crazy, usually only a paragraph long but still enough to get a good idea of what the recording sounds like. Another plus to the mail order way of things is the recordings are very low cost, $3 for a vinyl EP and full length cd’s or records would go for around $8. This meant that if you purchased a band’s recording and hated it it wasn’t really a big loss. With all this said my way for ordering music back then was the shotgun method. I’d order ten records hoping to like some of them. On the one side you could look at this as a hindrance as you were potentially wasting cash, even if it was a small amount but on the other side it was pretty exciting when you’d get that package in the mail and wasn’t quite sure what you had in store. Anyway, long story short, this was the method that I used to discover Tiger Trap.

In the grand scheme of things Tiger Trap would appear to be a pretty to be a pretty insignificant band. Made up of four members from Sacramento California, Jen Braun, Heather Dunn, Angela Loy and Rose Melberg the band existed from 1992 to 1993 for just about a year. Tiger Trap was a girl band, teenage girls to be exact and their music sounds as such. I mean that in the kindest sense of the words because their brand of pop punk was extremely new at the time. Sure there were female punk bands back then but most of them went for a harsher more traditional “punk” sound while Tiger Trap was just down right girlie. Songs topics were about bubblegum things like crushes and dates. In fact it’s almost like if you had an older sister, say sixteen and she had a slumber party with her best friends. You, being a annoying younger sibling, decide to spy on them while they setup camp in the family room of your parent’s house. Imagine the things you’d eavesdrop in that situation, now imagine if your sister and her friends played instruments, there you’d have Tiger Trap. Innocent lyrics, upbeat tempos, gentle vocals, just nice relaxing pop rock.

In Tiger Trap’s short existence they managed to put out two official releases in 1993, a self titled LP and a EP called “Sour Grass”. They were also on a ton of splits and random comps. As far as I know Sour Grass was only released on vinyl and still remains out of print, a shame too because it’s spectacular. Their LP however is easy to get through online mp3 shops. I have both releases on vinyl and had to rip them to get easy access. Great stuff though I’d strongly suggest checking them out.

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