Chuck Berry

No one person can claim to be the father of Rock N’ Roll. It was an evolution of a collective of mostly American influences that clung together and somehow morphed into the Rock N’ Roll that we hear today. That said, if a single person were ever to be coined as the first Rock N’ [...]

Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach is known as perhaps the most prolific baroque composer of the time period. His body of work is the summation of a incredibly interesting and rich time of early western culture. For those that don’t know Baroque music was created primarily between 1600 and 1750, after the Renaissance period but before the [...]


First formed in 1978 in the mighty city of Los Angeles, California the Descendents would eventually have one of the biggest followings of any band from the era of early punk rock. For the first couple years the Descendents were a three piece made up of it’s founding members, Frank Navetta(guitar), Tony Lombardo(bass) and drummer [...]

Devil in a Woodpile

Devil in a Woodpile is a old time/blues/jug/alt-country band from Chicago, Illinois. I can’t find an initial date of creation for them mainly because the band was formed in-formerly but their first album was released in 1998 so we’ll go with that. DiaW is an extremely original band. Their unique sound really can’t be found [...]

Slick Rick

Slick Rick is one of the few original big name New York City rappers that still has a name today. While he wasn’t born in New York his parents moved from South Wimbledon, England to the Bronx in 1975, when he was only eleven years old. Rick’s first major recording was in 1985 and since [...]