First formed in 1978 in the mighty city of Los Angeles, California the Descendents would eventually have one of the biggest followings of any band from the era of early punk rock. For the first couple years the Descendents were a three piece made up of it’s founding members, Frank Navetta(guitar), Tony Lombardo(bass) and drummer Bill Stevenson(drums). This early band had a more traditional rock sound but that would change in 1980 when they brought on a friend of Stevenson’s, Milo Aukerman and with this dedicated vocalist added to the lineup the punk rock stars were aligned and the Descendents to became one of the most influential bands to date.Descendents can cut a rug.

I have countless memories involving the Descendents. My friends and I were a bit too young to have seen them live (although a couple of us may have while under the supervision of an older sibling). At any rate they broke up soon after I started listening to them but together or not my buddies and I were hooked. We knew all the lyrics, wore the shirts, drank bonus cups, and even covered their tunes in our little garage bands. Perhaps it was their immature song topics, they’ve got a few songs about farting, we were really into the fart scene. Perhaps it was the songs about being rejected by girls, as most young boys we had our trouble with the ladies. Or maybe it was the songs about teen angst, living in that age when you’re not a child anymore and not a adult either. We sure had our share of those issues. Even to this day if I meet someone new and happen to learn that they were Descendents fans as well I automatically feel that I know them better. Every youth that was into the Descendents seemed to have been under a similar mindset, it was a unique thing that so many kids could find common ground through their music. The common ground wasn’t based on religion, hate, love, or drugs simply a certain, albeit immature, take on life.

After breaking up in 1987 the Descendents got back together in 1996 and then again in 2004 both times releasing albums. While the effort is noted these albums don’t really compare to the four they released while in their prime. Each of their original four albums are punk rock classics. Practically anthems of a generation. Of the first four albums my faves have got to be “I Don’t Want to Grow Up” and “All”. The other two are great too but if I’m grabbing a Descendents album to listen to it’s usually either of the those two. I should also note that they released a couple live albums which are really good as well. So if you want a taste of some classic early punk rock check out the Descendents for your listening pleasure.

1) Milo Goes to College [1982]
2) I Don’t Want to Grow Up [1985)]
3) Enjoy! [1986]
4) All [1987]
5) Liveage [1987]
6) Hallraker [1989]
5) Everything Sucks [1996]
6) Live Plus One [2001]
7) Cool To Be You [2004]

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  •  poostik

    Pretty much one of my all time favorites. I’ve been fortunate enough to see them live when they got back together both times. The great thing was, they played more of the early stuff and not whatever album it was that they were touring for. Classic classic stuff. The entire crowd screaming just about every lyric. Just listening to these samples is giving me total nostalgia.
    I remember meeting you and finding out you were a fan. It’s like we were instant brothers.

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