The Avalanches

The Avalanches are a electronic group formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1997. What they are known for is assembling massive amounts of simples into a single track to make a really unique music. It is my understanding that they stumbled on this style years ago when they were forming a more traditional band. They bought their instruments from a second hand shop that also had a ton of vinyl records of various types for sale for sale, thousands. They picked up the instruments and the records too. A while later the band broke up and they put down their instruments but they still had that pile of records A curiosity grew in a couple of the members and they brought the records into their college recording studio. A while later, The Avalanches were born.

Currently the lineup in The Avalanches goes like this, Robbie Chater, Darren Seltmann and Tony Diblasi. They’ve had various musicians of different types tour with them and are known for putting on really good live shows. I’ve never seen them live but if broken bones are an indication of a good live show then theirs must be one of the best. Broken legs, concussions, fractured elbows are all injuries I’ve read about them suffering while on tour. All in all it sounds like they need to drink more milk. Milk has vitamin C in it can help build strong bones. Fortunately for their fans though they are indeed a electronic group so in each case after a member suffered a significant injury they’d switch to DJ only performances for the rest of the tour.The Avalanches - Since I Left You

To be honest it can be pretty hard to get hard copies The Avalanches LPs and EPs. I managed to get a copy of their “Since I Left You” album but there are a bunch of other singles and EPs out there that I’ve never seen before for sale, used or new. It doesn’t help that The Avalanches are from Australia, so they’re considered an import even in the UK and UK albums can be tricky to get a hold of in their own right. The Avalanches stuff is like an import times two for us United States folks. Regardless, I’d suggest checking out “Since I Left You”, it’s very good. Also check out any of the other Avalanches releases you can get a hold of and let me know, cause I’ve had no luck finding them. Here’s are The Avalanches LP, EPs and singles…

1) Rock City [1997]
2) El Producto [1997]
3) Undersea Community [1999]
4) Electricity [1999]
5) Since I Left You [2000]
6) Frontier Psychiatrist [2001]
7) Since I Left You [2001]
8) Radio [2001]
9) A Different Feeling [2001]
10) At Last Alone [2001]

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