Dub is a type of music that evolved from reggae, it involves heavy use and manipulation of preexisting samples and songs, often the focus is on two particular songs where part of one song is overlayed onto another with the result being a hybrid of the two. Founded in Jamaica in the seventies Dub has [...]

2nd South Carolina String Band

The 2nd South Carolina String Band play music from the American Civil war era. The founding members, Joe Ewers, Fred Ewers, John Frayler, Dave Goss and Bob Beeman originally formed the group in the summer of 1989. Appropriately enough they met while participating in a civil war reenactment. What makes their meeting particularly appropriate is [...]

Operation Ivy

I was really into punk music back in the early nineties. Having been a budding youth at the time I could truly identify with it’s aggressive nature and more importantly it was fun to skate half pipe to. I recall back then hearing about a place three thousand miles away called “924 Gillman Street”. It [...]

James Taylor

James Taylor is a folk rock artist from Carrboro, North Carolina. Like Simon and Garfunkel he was part of the folk revolution of the late sixties when many artists in this genre found their audience. Through his career James has been awarded six Grammies, released ten top ten albums and tons of singles, all of [...]

The Cars

When I was kid, real young, about four or five years old for a couple summers my family spent a lot of time partying on a river near our home. At the time the area was pretty desolate pretty much anything went when we were up there. My older brothers were about 18 years old [...]