Philadelphia DJ Diplo, October 30 2005
Dub is a type of music that evolved from reggae, it involves heavy use and manipulation of preexisting samples and songs, often the focus is on two particular songs where part of one song is overlayed onto another with the result being a hybrid of the two. Founded in Jamaica in the seventies Dub has been lurking on the fringes of popular music ever since. Most recently Brazilian Dj’s have been bringing Dub back to the surface at Rio De Janeiro dance clubs referred to as Baile Funk or Funk Carioca. Around ten years ago this form of energized music slowly began to creep out of it’s region of Brazil and influence musicians in the global community. One such musician influenced by the music of Rio De Janeiro is Diplo.

Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, grew up in the southern United States. He moved around a bit as a kid all the while taking in influences from around the south. Currently he resides in Philadelphia, PA and is very active in the music community there. Diplo has his own music label called Mad Decent which he has signed various urban influenced artists to. Most recently Diplo has been touring Asia with Steve Aoki.

I really enjoy the freshness Diplo brings to the table with his form of music. He blends together an eclectic grouping of styles which I can’t say I’ve heard in that light before. A gangster rap song about robbing people suddenly becomes a grooving dance song once Diplo is done with it. He’ll also remix tunes from electronica musicians like Daft Punk or Chemical Brothers. You really have no idea what your in store for the first time you fire up a Diplo record. Unfortunately though his music is relatively underground and not that easy to get. Of the twelve major albums and mix tapes he’s put out about half are available at the major music stores for various reasons, the legality of some of the samples I’m sure is one of those reasons. At any rate if you’re interested in checking out some awesome mash ups check him out.

1) AEIOU [2003]
2) Florida [2004]
3) AEIOU Pt. 2: Making Music Your Own [2004]
4) Piracy Funds Terrorism [2004]
5) Favela on Blast [2004]
6) Favela Strikes Back [2005]
7) FabricLive.24 [2005]
8) Mad Decent Radio, Vol. 1 [2006]
9) I Like Turtles [2007]
10) Top Ranking: A Diplo Dub [2008]
11) Benzi & Diplo Present: Paper Route Gangstaz: Fear And Loathing In Hunts Vegas [2008]
12) Decent Work for Decent Pay (remix compilation) [2009]

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