In the history of rock music not many bands have had such a large impact with a single album than Nirvana. At the time Nirvana published Nevermind the rock world was relatively stagnant. The eighties metal guys were losing fanfare and not much new was coming out of the commercial rock industry. There were avenues [...]

Beastie Boys

Being a skateboarder in the mid nineties it was nearly impossible to avoid Beastie Boy’s music. I recall being too young to drive and getting rides around town from a friend’s older girlfriend. Almost every ride was scored with Paul’s Boutique. It’s those kinds of experiences that really cement certain music in my mind. I [...]

Louis Armstrong and his Hot Fives(and Sevens)

In the world of jazz there are many types and flavors and of all of those types and flavors my favorite has got to be Hot Jazz. Hot Jazz is known for it’s loud upbeat sound, with room for much improvisation. In the old days practically all of it’s performers were from the New Orleans [...]

The Plight of Digital Media Shopping

In this fast growing technology oriented society that we’re a part of it’s common place for older technologies to be thrown by the way side. The music world is not immune from this life cycle, particularly the realm of music media. 78′s were replaced but 7inch jukeboxes, which were replaced by 33rpm LPs, which were [...]