Firecracker Jazz Band

You may recall a few weeks back when I talked a little about the history of hot jazz in my discussion on the Hot Fives and Sevens. Today we’re going full circle from one of the first hot jazz acts, to one of the latest, the Firecracker Jazz Band. No doubt about it Firecracker is [...]

Vampire Weekend

The first time I listened to Vampire Weekend they took my ears by storm. Their sound is truly unique, especially in the scope of the current music scene. What sets them apart for me is their off beat lyrics presented by “common man” vocals. What I mean by common man is Ezra Koenig sings in [...]

Wanda Jackson

Rockabilly is a form of American music that is a hybrid of both the country and rock n roll genres. Rockabilly’s popularity was primarily between 1955 to 1965 but through the years there have been multiple resurgences of it’s followers. Most recently Europe is seeing a rise in Rockabilly acts, Rockabilly’s completely un-European nature must [...]

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German born composer who lived from 1770 to 1827. He is easily one of the most popular classical composers of our time. His work can be heard everywhere, from television commercials to sporting events to children’s movies to high school recitals. As with many of the popular composers of early [...]

John Doherty

County Donegal is the northern most county in the Republic of Ireland. It is actually more north then the British occupied Northern Ireland. County Donegal is a really interesting place owed to it’s geographic location and natural boundaries it has remained relatively isolated from the rest of the country through most of it’s existence. Another [...]