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Oblivion was a punk rock band from Chicago Illinois. Founded in 1988 the band’s three piece lineup remained the same throughout it’s twelve year history. There was the main contributor Pete Kourim on lead vocals and bass, Scott Ozark on guitar and Brian Czarnik on drums. While Oblivion was never a mega popular band they definitely made the rounds of the underground punk rock scene. Their main fan base remained in the Chicago area but they got out and toured nationally on many occasions.

I saw Oblivion live more then any other band. Back in the nineties I was friends with a punk rock band similar in nature and they ended up playing with them a few times. I really liked them, they seemed like good guys. In my case I saw them mostly at VFW type venues although I imagine they played clubs too. Many of the song topics are taken right from Pete Kourim’s life. He had told a friend of mine that “The Dance” was about his older brother pressuring him to drink alcohol, quite fitting if you listen to the tune. Many of their songs while being uptempo and jolly are about sad issues teenagers face like depression and rejection. The lyrics are sung in a heartfelt manner that helps you identify with the singers plight. Not in a crying whiny way but more of a yelling way, stopping short of sounding hardcore at times.

Oblivion put out a good number of releases in it’s life time. In the first few years they were all self released and it’s extremely hard to get your hands on those these days. In fact all of their albums are out of print at this point, you can find them used on amazon though. Of their official releases they have four official LP’s, all on independent record labels. Of the four I’d suggest the earlier two, “Stop Thief” and “Shoot me a Waco”. Stop Thief is a great album although a bit dark at times. In my opinion the pinnacle of Oblivion’s unique style is Shoot me a Waco, it’s much happier than the previous album and the song writing is stepped up. Any recordings after Shoot me a Waco fail to set the same tone. They aren’t bad but definitely not on par.

1) Oblivion [1989] *self-released, you’ll never see this album
2) Neighborhood [1990] *self-released, you’ll never see this album
3) Think Tightope Boobjob [1992] *self-released, you’ll never see this album
4) Stop Thief [1994]
5) Shoot Me a Waco [1995]
6) Suckers From The Start [1998]
7) Sweatpants U.S.A. [1999]

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