Oblivion was a punk rock band from Chicago Illinois. Founded in 1988 the band’s three piece lineup remained the same throughout it’s twelve year history. There was the main contributor Pete Kourim on lead vocals and bass, Scott Ozark on guitar and Brian Czarnik on drums. While Oblivion was never a mega popular band they [...]


Gangsta rap has had a bad name and perhaps rightfully so. Harsh language and extremely mature themes are the norm in a gangsta tune. The thing that has given gangsta rap it’s harshest criticism is it’s tendency to often be found in the hands of kids. Such potentially negative music surely can’t have a positive [...]

The Doobie Brothers

To fresh outsiders looking in to the classic rock world it all kinda lumps together. One band flows into the next and it can be a bit daunting to navigate through them. I’m hear today to discuss one of the quintessential classic rock bands that easily could be lost in the classic rock lump, The [...]

PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey, where to start with PJ Harvey? When I was budding music connoisseur I looked for new music through many different methods some of them being mainstream. One of my mainstream methods was MTV(this was back in the early nineties when MTV played music). I recall back then they played PJ Harvey quite often [...]