The Doobie Brothers

To fresh outsiders looking in to the classic rock world it all kinda lumps together. One band flows into the next and it can be a bit daunting to navigate through them. I’m hear today to discuss one of the quintessential classic rock bands that easily could be lost in the classic rock lump, The Doobie Brothers. The Doobie Brothers truly encompassed that classic rock sound. Not too heavy, not too slow, just some steady rockin tunes with the occasional love song thrown in there to make the ladies want to listen. I was introduced to the Doobies at a young age and didn’t think much of them til I was in my early teens. I really liked their song “Black Water” but not because I thought it was cool tune I identified with but because I thought it was really cheesy and fun to parody. A couple years later that parodying slowly turned into a genuine liking that branched out into much of their catalog.Yea man, like wow, it's the Doobie Brothers in 1978.

The Doobie Brothers were founded in San Jose California back in 1970. Founding members John Hartman and Tom Johnston surrounded themselves with a vast amount of musicians over the years. Pretty much the only thing that remained standard of the Doobies lineup with the lack of a standard. Through the years the band would go on even without both founders at certain points but besides the founders Michael McDonald would have to be considered the other major member of the band. He came strait from playing with Steely Dan which had decided to stop touring and put him out of a job. Michael joined in 1974 and one could argue contributed more to the band then even the founders themselves.

The Doobies aren’t a jam band but there of that pothead nature. Fifteen minute live songs were not out of the ordinary while thankfully those displays didn’t make it to their main studio releases. Their main influences are attributed to rock, funk, jazz and country. Part of the jazz element was definitely brought on when Michael McDonald joined. I really enjoy the Doobies music, for me it has that seventies rock sound that really bring me back to that time period but despite how soft the sound may be now back in the day it was some pretty serious stuff. Serious enough that one of the first groups to embrace the Doobies music was the Hell’s Angels biker gang. Early on The Doobie Brothers would often play at a Hell’s Angels club. The Doobies are still around today and still can be seen touring around and at special events. So if you’re looking for some badass seventies rock check out The Doobie Brothers, oh and that name, yea they were stoners.

1) The Doobie Brothers [1971]
2) Toulouse Street [1972]
3) The Captain and Me [1973]
4) What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits [1974]
5) Stampede [1975]
6) Takin’ It to the Streets [1976]
7) Livin’ on the Fault Line [1977]
8) Minute by Minute [1978]
9) One Step Closer [1980]
10) Cycles [1989]
11) Brotherhood [1991]
12) Sibling Rivalry [2000]

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