Vampire Weekend

The beautiful boys from Vampire Weekend.
The first time I listened to Vampire Weekend they took my ears by storm. Their sound is truly unique, especially in the scope of the current music scene. What sets them apart for me is their off beat lyrics presented by “common man” vocals. What I mean by common man is Ezra Koenig sings in a relatively plain voice. He’s not trying to add any inflection to create a style just strait up sings songs how his voice sounds naturally, which happens to be a bit high pitched and nasally at times. While some may have faults with this form of vocal delivery I happen to love it. His voice reminds me of Sting’s nerdy brother. The quirky vocals don’t stand alone though, they are backed by violins, organs, harpsichords along with your standard rock instrument set. All this is mushed together to make a some wonderful underground pop music.

Vampire Weekend was formed in New York City in 2006. The band members originally met while attending Columbia University in New York’s upper West side. This band follows a common theme I find with band’s of a college background in that it was started by friends just to pass the time. Another common theme is their first album was self produced and it’s quick success was almost accidental. The band is a four piece with the members being, Chris Baio(bass), Ezra Koenig(vocals/guitar), Chris Tomson(drums) and Rostam Batmanglij(everything else). Not much is written about the band members themselves and their relationship. The only thing I could dig up is that Ezra used to be a Eighth grade English teacher in New York City prior to becoming a full time musician.

Due to it’s relatively young age Vampire Weekend doesn’t have much of a catalog. To date three EP’s and a single (self titled) full length album are what they have to show for their efforts. They are still quite active though having played many tour dates of late and a new album is slated for release early 2010.

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