Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cocktails, wooo!!!
While we’re in the holiday spirit I thought it’d be fun to discuss a Christmas box set that I enjoy. Ultra-Lounge: Christmas Cocktails is a three part disc set of incredible Christmas tunes performed by the major lounge performers of the fifties and sixties. If you are faintly interested in jazz or lounge or mambo music with that 60′s style then this set is a must have. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas the offerings here are original enough that they stand on their own.

What you’ll find on these albums are essentially straight covers and heavily modified Christmas tunes performed by the greats of the early “lounge” scene. From rat packers like Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. to many of the lesser known lounge greats of the day the full spectrum is represented. I think the best word to describe the bulk of the songs is “fresh”. You’ll find Christmas songs on here that you’ll hear a thousand times during a given holiday season but are given knew life with new instrumentation and a cool take on things.

This music really puts you in the mood for a Christmas party. No kids though, to heck with the kids, leave them home. We’re talking an adult Christmas party, a high brow one. Mixed drinks only. Maybe in one of those futuristic houses that overlook Los Angeles, you know the ones that look like white jelly beans with windows. You could arrive around 1AM when the party is in full swing. All the dapper party goers standing around in pairs talking about their grand life achievements. A twelve foot aluminum Christmas tree decorated only with silver balls stands in the center of the room. The host, wearing a very dapper suit, greets you as you walk in and offers you a drink. After a short while you begin to relax and take a load off. The conversation is enlightening and maybe it’s just the martinis but you’re feeling quite comfortable. It’s at just this point when you notice that swinging holiday music setting the score. Unwittingly it’s infectious holiday groves have taken a hold of you and eased your mind… well, that’s what I picture when I listen to it anyway, or perhaps just what I imagine as my three year old daughter yells about her apple juice being too warm and my one year old daughter tries to eat a shoe. *sigh*

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