The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas

The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas, crankin good times.
I remember Christmas when I was a lad. The sheer anticipation of it was incredible. The only thing that rivaled it was the break for summer vacation but even then, not so much. The whole build up to Christmas, decorating the house, getting the tree, the countless dinner parties my parents would host, the thought of all the potential loot I could be getting on that special morning, it would build up to such a point that a kiddie such as my self could barely hold back his cries of joy. Through most of my early Christmases my parents would play the same set of Christmas records(yep vinyl) as a backdrop, The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas volumes one and two. These records present a cross section of quality Christmas music that truly represents the variety of music found in American culture. There’s a bit of everything in there but most importantly, it’s all good.

Everything you’ll find on these albums is substantial and has been proven to last the test of time. From Nat King Cole’s White Christmas to choir boys singing gospel to Alabama singing Tennessee Christmas all the bases are covered. I’ll be honest, I find a few of these songs to be borderline corny but it’s all good considering the shear amount of songs in these set of disks the odds are that there would be a couple cheesers. There are two sets under the Treasury of Christmas brand, Volume one which is two compact disks and Volume Two which is two disks as well. That makes for a total of 92 tracks! That’s a serious song collection right there. I like to break out these cd’s as a generic catchall for my Christmas music needs. Like if people stop by the house unexpected and I’m not sure what their tastes are I’ll throw one of these disks on and know that I’ve got all my bases covered.

As I stated earlier my family had these on vinyl. I should note that we had them for a long long time, the same records. After cassettes and even CD’s became vogue we still listened to these vinyl records around the holidays and it got to where they stayed on that turntable all year. Needless to say they got pretty dusty and my father decided to clean them. His chosen method was to wipe them down gently with a soft cloth and water but he wasn’t sure how to dry them and since we were really jonesin for some Christmas music he needed to expedite the drying process. His remedy to the situation? The oven. So yep, he set the oven to about 150 and put them in there, shortly after they were all warped and destroyed. Fortunately though a few years later I discovered Time Life selling them through their site and I jumped at the offer. Now I think you can get them on Amazon or any of the popular retailers.

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