The Wreckers

The Wreckers were formed in 2005 by Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp. They proved to be an anomaly in the country music world with their unique take on it. Michelle Branch was a well known pop act prior to The Wreckers and Jessica Harp was a budding country vocalist, when the two joined forces their output was country music thick with pop elements and they very quickly found an audience. Their listener-ship grew like wildfire, for a band that only existed for two years and whose sole commercial offering was a single studio album they attained a huge audience. There was even a cover album put together by more established acts(with some big names involved) that were fans of the band and finally a live album recorded in New York City. It’s pretty crazy all they achieved in such a short time.

Knowing what I know now I never would have thought I would enjoy The Wreckers as much as I do. In my mind I had always thought of Michelle Branch’s solo music to be a bit bubblegum, written for teenage girls. And to be honest the Wrecker’s subject matter isn’t that different. It’s the presentation of country with melodic pop elements that makes this music so easy to listen to for me. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age but I even find that listening to The Wreckers has opened me up to enjoying some of Branch’s solo stuff too. So who knows, perhaps I was just viewing it with jaded eyes prior. At any rate The Wreckers have created a phenomenal album. Every track on it stands out as a worthy single.

For all the fan fair and fame achieved by The Wreckers the flame sure did burn out quickly. In 2007 they called it quits. In interviews Branch and Harp talk about The Wreckers like it was a fun distraction from their solo careers but brush over the idea of continuing the band in any aspect. I suppose we can hope but with the both of them recently releasing solo albums it looks like The Wreckers as an active band is a done deal. It’s a shame too because they really had something special. Their voices complimented each other perfectly. The little bit of twang with the little bit of pop offered a little bit for everyone. As far as I can tell their studio album went out of print a year or so ago, which is weird considering how recent it was released. At the time of this writing the album has come back into print so you should be able to get your hands on it easy enough.

1) Stand Still, Look Pretty [2006]
2) Way Back Home: Live at New York City [2007]

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