Juliana Hatfield

Juliana Hatfield is a alternative rock guitarist and vocalist from Duxbury, Massachusetts. Interestingly she is actually a ascendant from the Hatfield’s that had the infamous feud with the Macoy’s a century or so ago. She was born in 1967 and spent her impressionable young years growing up in the age of seventies mega-rock when so many huge bands were in their prime. Also coming into their own in the mid to late seventies was a budding punk and alternative music scene and it was with these genres that Juliana immediately identified. Her punk influence was very apparent in her early song writing while most recently her music has taken a softer more acoustic sound.

Through most of the eighties Juliana was in a band called “Blakes Babies”. While Blakes Babies did well things really took off for Juliana when she went solo in 1992. It was the release of her second album “Become What You Are” that propelled her into alternative rock fame. She become become the poster child for female fronted alternative rock bands and plenty more would follow. I recall there was a big holla balloo when Juliana stated that, then in her mid twenties, she was still a virgin. She chose to come out about her sexual innocence while being interviewed for a men’s magazine and they were taken a gasp. After that she become especially appealing to young girls going through similar major life decisions. A cool thing about Juliana’s music though is that as those early fans matured in turn so did her music.

Juliana’s early song writing was very current with the alternative rock trends of the early nineties. Perhaps it wasn’t the song writing itself but the way the songs were performed. At any rate slowly over the years from album to album Juliana has changed her sound. Nowadays she has completely shed that alterna-chick persona and developed into a relatively strait forward performer. Juliana has a gentile angelic voice which I really enjoy. Her vocal style is very strait forward, no fancy inflection is used to add to the mood. In general I find her music to be quite relaxing, especially her newer post “Bed” material. She has a pretty big discography, some starting points I recommend, for rockin Juliana “Only Everything” and for calm Juliana “Beautiful Creature”. Those two albums should give you a pretty good idea of Juliana’s music.

1) Hey Babe[1992]
2) Become What You Are [1993]
3) Only Everything [1995]
4) Bed [1998]
5) Beautiful Creature [2000]
6) Juliana’s Pony: Total System Failure [2000]
7) In Exile Deo [2004]
8) Made in China [2005]
9) How To Walk Away [2008]
10) Peace & Love [2010]

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