Deadguy was a hardcore band born in New Brunswick New Jersey in 1994. The band was founded by a bunch of guys that happened to room together, not exactly the most stable foundation and was perhaps why the lineup changed so many times in the band’s relatively short existence. What made Deadguy so special was their ability to mix elements of both the hardcore and metal genres. The result was a music that appealed to both audiences and became a major influence for many bands to follow. It’s funny though because if you read about Deadguy you’ll find they received little recognition from the community at the time they were together. It seems only the people in “the know” knew of and appreciated their efforts. It would be almost ten years after their break up that they would begin to be named in “top ten” lists and gain some of the fame of their compatriots.

The original Deadguy lineup was something like this, Dave Rosenberg, Chris Corvino, Tim Naumann, Keith Huckins and Tim Singer. The lineup change quite a bit for a band that only lasted three years but the core of the band stayed the same, Dave, Chris and Tim Naumann. As mentioned earlier the original lineup was comprised of roommates. Some of the guys joined the band because they simply had nothing else to do with their spare time. This weak foundation showed itself on their first tour. While touring down the west coast two members decided to leave the band and move to Seattle after having such a nice time touring through the city.

If I’m in the right mood and I’m listening to Deadguy while driving it makes me want to drive 120MPH into a tree. I don’t know it’s just an urge. Is that an unhealthy thing? I don’t think so. There is a certain rawness that comes across in the tracks that can really get you going. Song lyrics are about standard hardcore-type topics, like dysfunctional families and the drudgery of a day job. What’s different is you get the feeling that they are written and delivered by people that are honestly venting their frustrations with their lives. Many of their songs build up to crescendo. I didn’t realize this when I first listened to “Fixation on a Coworker”(Deadguy’s first album) and I wrote off a few songs because I didn’t like how they started. Then after having the album for a while I listened to it in it’s entirety and boy was I surprised. The last song on the album “Crazy Eddie”, has an absolutely fantastic crescendo, a little reminiscent of Slayer’s build up on “Reign in Blood”. You can’t listen to it strait off though, you gotta listen to the whole album and then that song. You too will want to drive into foliage.

Deadguy has two primary attainable albums, a full length “Fixation on a Coworker” and a EP “Screamin’ With the Deadguy Quintet”. They have a few other live albums and singles but they’re tricky to get a hold of. I strongly recommend the full length. The Ep is good too but the full length is fantastic, not a bad song on it. I had a lot of trouble finding it when I was looking for it back in the day and ended up getting at a Virgin in Boston, of all places. Now you can get it on Amazon with free shipping, oh the convenience of modern life.

1) Work Ethic [1994] *ep
2) Fixation on a Co-Worker [1995]
3) Screamin’ With the Deadguy Quintet [1996] *ep
4) I Know Your Tragedy-Live at CBGBs [2000]

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