Jungle Brothers

Jungle Brothers are a East Coast hip hop group founded in 1986 in Queens, a section of New York City. The Jungle Brothers were a founding member of the Native Tongues posse and were the most popular group in Native Tongues for it’s early years helping to get NT off the ground and gain notoriety. As I mentioned in prior posts the Native Tongues posse had many influential acts in it’s stables, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul to name a couple of which bot were good friends of JB’s with members of the JB’s even attending the same high school as A Tribe Called Quest. The JB’s helped A Tribe Called Quest come up with their name which goes to show just how lovey-dovey all these guys were.

Jungle Brothers had three members Mike Gee, Sammy B and Afrika Baby Bam. While they have never had officially broken up there have been no new studio albums since 2002, with all subsequent releases post 2002 being remixes and greatest hits type-deals. By all accounts it looks like there was a falling out with Afrika Baby Bam and it’s unlikely that any more new material will ever come from the original lineup of the Jungle Brothers. While that is sad I not a big fan of their later releases so for me their departure for the active hip hop community isn’t a huge loss.

Over the course of 14 years the JBs managed to put out six albums. My favorite by far is their second album “Done by the Forces of Nature”. I also enjoy their first album quite a bit. I find that their later albums, starting with their 1993 release “J Beez With the Remedy” are lacking something that their first two have. It’s like they started taking themselves too seriously. Their first two albums are playful and fun to listen to to, even comical at times. About 90% of hip hop acts play the serious angle what really set the JB’s apart for me was their playfulness and eagerness to step outside side of the popular hip hop formula.

1) Straight out the Jungle [1988]
2) Done by the Forces of Nature [1989]
3) J Beez Wit the Remedy [1993]
4) Raw Deluxe [1997]
5) V.I.P. [2000]
6) All That We Do [2002]

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