The Smugglers

The Smugglers are a rock band from Vancouver Canada. They have been extremely active in their 22 year existence. Writing, recording and touring have been second nature to these fellas with a vast array of official releases under their belt and often times doing multiple tours a year. The Smugglers are truly “a band’s band” having so humbly started their music careers playing shopping mall parking lots, bars and practically any place that would let them setup. In their early days they were boo’d off the stage quite a few times but eventually things came together and now-a-days they are probably one of the more lively live acts out there in terms of pure rocking and rolling.

Founded in 1988 The Smugglers are a five piece comprised of three core members Grant Lawrence(vocals), Nick Thomas(guitar) and David Carswell(guitar). The other two positions of bassist and drummer have changed a few times through the life of the band and as of late Beez and Graham Watson are filling those roles respectfully. Regardless of the lineup the energy and playfulness of their shows comes across even in their studio recordings. To me they seem like a party band the kind of guys that you could have over to play your birthday party and when they left there would be a turd in your toilet reservoir, if you know what I’m saying. Their music itself is pop punk crossed with energetic mod rock, something along those lines.

One thing that the Smugglers have never done is rest on their laurels. They have a huge discography of live and studio recordings. Unlike many bands who wait to put out material to be paid and backed by a major label The Smugglers never have had such reservations. They have music standard compact discs as well as on all sizes of vinyl. I’m not sure if all the vinyl releases were done on purpose or if it was dependent on the budget of the band and independent labels they were recording with at whatever time. Unfortunately due to their sheer output of releases it’s hard to figure out what is what. There are some original songs on comps and seven inches but then there are some dupes too. You’re best bet is to do a little research before you make a purchase to see if you already have the songs or not. That’s one of the things that have kept me away from their seven inch singles and splits. I’d recommend starting with their 1996 release “Selling the Sizzle”. It’s a really solid album and easy to get a hold of.

1) Up and Down [1990] *vinyl 7-inch
2) At Marineland [1991] *vinyl 10-inch
3) At Germany [1992] *vinyl 7-inch
4) Atlanta Whiskey Flats [1992] *vinyl 12-inch
5) Wet Pants Club [1993] *vinyl 12-inch
6) In the Hall of Fame – All Time Great Golds [1993]
7) Gotta Gotta Gotta [1994] *vinyl 7-inch split with Hoods
8) Party Party Party Pooper! [1994] *vinyl 7-inch
9) Tattoo Dave [1994] *vinyl 7-inch split with Bum
10) Wet Pants Club [1994] *compact disc
11) Senor Pantsdown [1995]
12) Talkin bout You [1995] *vinyl 7-inch
13) Whiplash! [1995]
14) Selling the Sizzle [1996]
15) Summer Games [1996] *split with Hi-Fives
16) Buddy Holly Convention [1997]
17) Growing Up Smuggler [1998]
18) Rosie [2000]
19) Smugglers/Mach Pelican [2001]*vinyl 7-inch split
20) “Useless Rocker” [2002] *vinyl 7-inch
21) Mutiny in Stereo [2004]

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