The goal of this site is to get people interested in (and hopefully listening to) music and musical genres that they wouldn’t have otherwise. I am a big music fan of all genres but I’ve found it difficult at times to find new artists in areas that aren’t popular anymore or that are far from the mainstream, like vaudeville from the thirties or gypsy music in general.  That’s not to say that I’m only concerned with discussing obscure music.   Popular artists will be discussed as well. I have friends that have listened to a single type of music their whole lives (say rap or punk) and would like to delve into other genres but don’t know where to start. As a result it seems they consider looking for new music a chore, a trial of hit and miss that they’d rather not bother with. For this reason I’m going to discuss more popular music as well, hip hop, rock, classical, etc. I plan to touch on artists from all genres, there are no self set limitations.   I also plan on discussing some methods and resources I’ve discovered to find new music.  I find it unfortunate that so many people rely on popular media outlets to spoon feed them what to listen to.  There are other ways to discover music that hasn’t been chosen for you by someone else.  This is intended to be an open discussion so please don’t hesitate to comment or suggest artists for me to listen to. I thoroughly enjoy finding new music and it’s been a pastime of mine ever since I was able to buy my first cassette.