Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim, whose real name is Norman Cook, is a popular DJ from Brighton, England. Born and raised in the scenic town of Reigate, England Norman has been part of the mainstream music scene in one form or another since the early eighties. When he first started Norman played in various genres, new wave, rock, [...]

The Prodigy

The Prodigy is a techno group that got it’s start in 1990.  Hailing from Essex, England the core of The Prodigy is made up of one man, Liam Howlett.  Over the years The Prodigy has had countless contributors of various backgrounds from rock, to rap even straight up dancers.  In the early nineties youth culture [...]

The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers are a techno staple from Manchester England.  Their music has come to embody the  standard sound of the techno music scene.  Not so much for the industry itself but for others looking to get that “sound”.  For example whenever you’re watching a cheesy tv show and the characters walk into a youth-dance-club [...]