Pat Benatar

Rarely has a pop chick rocked quite to the level of Pat Benatar. Patti truly was one of the pioneers in female contemporary rock vocals, especially if her shear amount of charting material is taken into consideration. Her accolades over her career are almost endless. Patti has won multiple Grammies over the years, multiple American [...]

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel is a singer/songwriter from Chobham England. He was born in 1950 to a upper middle class family. His father was a electrical engineer and was able to send Peter to private schools for advanced education. His mother was very musical and taught him clarinet at a young age. He took this early exposure [...]

France Gall

I love French Ye-ye music. I can’t understand a lick of the French language but that doesn’t keep me from appreciating the finer aspects of this early pop style. Ye-ye was originally started in 1959 by a radio DJ named Daniel Philippacci. He put together a radio show that featured young girls in their mid [...]


Donovan was a folk rock musician who started his music life in 1963 just outside of Hertford in Little Berkhamsted, England. Donovan scored many hits in the sixties and seventies with the bulk of his achievements happening between 1967 and 1969. His gentle sound was the perfect backdrop for the hippy movement and unfortunately for [...]

James Taylor

James Taylor is a folk rock artist from Carrboro, North Carolina. Like Simon and Garfunkel he was part of the folk revolution of the late sixties when many artists in this genre found their audience. Through his career James has been awarded six Grammies, released ten top ten albums and tons of singles, all of [...]