Deadguy was a hardcore band born in New Brunswick New Jersey in 1994. The band was founded by a bunch of guys that happened to room together, not exactly the most stable foundation and was perhaps why the lineup changed so many times in the band’s relatively short existence. What made Deadguy so special was [...]

Operation Ivy

I was really into punk music back in the early nineties. Having been a budding youth at the time I could truly identify with it’s aggressive nature and more importantly it was fun to skate half pipe to. I recall back then hearing about a place three thousand miles away called “924 Gillman Street”. It [...]

Minor Threat

Minor Threat entered the Washington DC hardcore scene in 1980 and set the stage for pretty much all hardcore acts to follow. Their lyrical content, song structure and production quality created a listening experience that was bar none at that time. I honestly can’t say where I first heard Minor Threat. I was barely in [...]