Jawbreaker was a punk rock band from San Francisco California. Jawbreaker was a three piece comprised of Blake Schwarzenbach, Chris Bauermeister and Adam Pfahler. All in all the band lasted from 1988 to 1996, a total of eight years. In that time they amassed a pretty good size following while nothing like some of their [...]


Monorchid was a punk rock band founded in Washington DC in 1995. Their fresh take on the dormant DC punk sound was a shot in the arm that DC really needed. At the time the punk scene that had thrived in DC in the eighties and early nineties had become relatively stagnant. Don’t get me [...]


Sicko was a punk rock band that originated in Spokane Washington in 1991. The band had a eight year run and in that time they produced five 7 inch EPs and four full length albums all while doing multiple national and international tours. Their melodic poppy sound was unique at the time. In a sense [...]


Oblivion was a punk rock band from Chicago Illinois. Founded in 1988 the band’s three piece lineup remained the same throughout it’s twelve year history. There was the main contributor Pete Kourim on lead vocals and bass, Scott Ozark on guitar and Brian Czarnik on drums. While Oblivion was never a mega popular band they [...]


First formed in 1978 in the mighty city of Los Angeles, California the Descendents would eventually have one of the biggest followings of any band from the era of early punk rock. For the first couple years the Descendents were a three piece made up of it’s founding members, Frank Navetta(guitar), Tony Lombardo(bass) and drummer [...]