The Sugarhill Gang

In the rap world MCs often talk about being old school. It is implied that a particular artist’s longevity in the rap world is a testament to their lasting originality, creativity and fortitude to trudge through the lulls of a long-term recording career. In some cases this may be true, in others it may be [...]

Jungle Brothers

Jungle Brothers are a East Coast hip hop group founded in 1986 in Queens, a section of New York City. The Jungle Brothers were a founding member of the Native Tongues posse and were the most popular group in Native Tongues for it’s early years helping to get NT off the ground and gain notoriety. [...]

Wu-Tang Clan

The Wu-Tang Clan, where to start with the Wu-Tang Clan? Wu-Tang Clan is easily the most prolific rap crew to ever hit the recording industry. Since it was formed in the early nineties the Wu-Tang Clan and it’s individual members have released dozens of albums and when you factor in all of the affiliated acts [...]

Black Sheep

Black Sheep was a hip hop group born in Queens, New York in the year of 1991. Black Sheep was part of the Native Tongues posse along with many other popular Queens acts of the day, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, etc. The Native Tongues were a great group to be part of many [...]


Gangsta rap has had a bad name and perhaps rightfully so. Harsh language and extremely mature themes are the norm in a gangsta tune. The thing that has given gangsta rap it’s harshest criticism is it’s tendency to often be found in the hands of kids. Such potentially negative music surely can’t have a positive [...]