ZZ Top

ZZ Top is a rock band from Houston Texas. Founded in 1969 the band’s three man lineup has remained unchanged ever since. It’s rare to find a band with such a long history and a unchanged lineup, a true testament to the dedication to the cause or maybe they just don’t talk a lot. The [...]

Murder City Devils

Formed in 1996 Murder City Devils are a rock band from Seattle, Washington. I’d consider MCD a hard rock band although I’ve heard them compared to garage rock, whatever the classification they’ve pumped out some killer tunes. The original line up of the band was Spencer Moody, Dann Gallucci, Derek Fudesco, Coady Willis, and Nate [...]

Van Halen

Van Halen is a monolithic rock band from California that got their start in the late seventies.  Their contributions to the rock world have been immense.  Eddie Van Halen’s ground breaking guitar licks have influenced a vast majority of the people that play rock guitar today.  It’s only fitting that Van Halen was originally fronted [...]


AC/DC is a band so close to my heart it is only right that I discuss them to kick off this site.  My older brothers were big AC/DC fans(having grown up in seventies) and by the age of four(in 1981) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap was my favorite album.  I used to sing the lyrics [...]