Ne’er Do Wells

The Ne’er Do Wells are a band I hold very dear to my heart. I first started listening to them in the prime of my teenage years in 1992. At the time they were the first white boy band that I listened to that wasn’t punk rock or modern rock related. They played fifties style [...]

The Kinks

The Kinks were a rock band founded in London England back in the early 1960′s.  Releasing their first album in 1964 they remained as a band in one form or another until 1996.  Thirty two years is pretty dang long for a rock band to stick together but it’s not like they were resting on [...]

The Odd Numbers

The Odd Numbers are a mod rock band founded in 1988 and based in California.  They are best known for having their music used in a few skateboarding videos in the nineties, most notably a few of the early New Deal videos.  That’s actually where I first heard them, their songs were used for a [...]