The Blues Brothers

I had always written off The Blue Brothers. The main guys in it, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, were both very well known comedians and I had thought of the band as an extension of their routine, nothing more then a gimmick intended to further monetize on a successful comedy skit. But you know what? [...]

Devil in a Woodpile

Devil in a Woodpile is a old time/blues/jug/alt-country band from Chicago, Illinois. I can’t find an initial date of creation for them mainly because the band was formed in-formerly but their first album was released in 1998 so we’ll go with that. DiaW is an extremely original band. Their unique sound really can’t be found [...]

Charlie Patton

I grew up just outside of Newton a town in Northwest New Jersey. While not being the largest town around(I believe Newton city limits are a couple square miles) Newton is the county seat for Sussex county, where it resides. Back in the day Newton was a pretty bustling place. From what I understand shoe [...]

Samuel James

Samuel James plays the blues.  Is he from New Orleans? Chicago?  New York City?  Nope, none of those.  Samuel James is a from Maine, not only that but he’s in his twenties.  He’s part of a new generation of musicians breathing life back into a music that while faltering in popularity is extremely important to [...]