Gilles Apap

In the music world certain genres have developed rivalries. For whatever reason artists and fans of a particular genre like to jibe those of another, rap vs country is a good example. Both are successful forms of music with thriving communities. They both have their share of quality acts and crappy acts. Perhaps it’s because [...]

Emil Bruh

For those that don’t know Klezmer is a extremely interesting music of Jewish origin. I believe the word Klezmer itself simply means “musician” in Yiddish. Klezmer doesn’t have a huge following in western culture. I’ve heard music nerds saying that it as something to do with it’s use of keys and keys changes not common [...]


Traditional gypsy music isn’t exactly something you see the kids falling over themselves these days.  But let’s just say it is, let us  imagine for a sec that all the sorority girls are begging their parents to send them to Transylvania for spring break.  In this perverse vision where beer parties on a warm Floridian [...]