2nd South Carolina String Band

The 2nd South Carolina String Band play music from the American Civil war era. The founding members, Joe Ewers, Fred Ewers, John Frayler, Dave Goss and Bob Beeman originally formed the group in the summer of 1989. Appropriately enough they met while participating in a civil war reenactment. What makes their meeting particularly appropriate is [...]

Devil in a Woodpile

Devil in a Woodpile is a old time/blues/jug/alt-country band from Chicago, Illinois. I can’t find an initial date of creation for them mainly because the band was formed in-formerly but their first album was released in 1998 so we’ll go with that. DiaW is an extremely original band. Their unique sound really can’t be found [...]

Emil Bruh

For those that don’t know Klezmer is a extremely interesting music of Jewish origin. I believe the word Klezmer itself simply means “musician” in Yiddish. Klezmer doesn’t have a huge following in western culture. I’ve heard music nerds saying that it as something to do with it’s use of keys and keys changes not common [...]

Charlie Patton

I grew up just outside of Newton a town in Northwest New Jersey. While not being the largest town around(I believe Newton city limits are a couple square miles) Newton is the county seat for Sussex county, where it resides. Back in the day Newton was a pretty bustling place. From what I understand shoe [...]

Lil’ Rev

Lil’ Rev is a folk musician from Milwaukee Wisconsin. He plays many instruments but for me his ukulele playing is what sets him apart. His blues playing in particular with the uke is fantastic. An instrument that you normally identify with jolly island themes suddenly takes on the soulful mood of a guitar in the [...]