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Record Labels:   Record label websites can be a treasure trove of information if researching a particular band, back history, discography, tour dates, band member status in addition to other random details can all often be found on label sites.  In addition to a researching a specific band record labels often target a specific genre as a result if you like one band on a label there is a good chance you my like others.

Arhoolie Records
Arhoolie publishes a wide range of roots music from cajun to gypsy to gospel.

Bloodshot Records
Bloodshot puts out some extremely original recordings by various alt-country acts.

Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft
Deutsche Grammophon is one of the definitive labels when it comes to classical music.

Dischord Records
Dischord is one of the classic Washington DC based punk rock labels.

Music Maker
Music Maker is mainly a southern blues and old time label that donates a portion of it’s profits to benefit artists that require monetary assistance.

Rounder Records
Rounder is a major player in the world of “American” music recordings, old time, country and bluegrass.

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Resources:   There are tons of music sites out there discussing all the different genres but they can be difficult to find.  These sites can be extremely valuable when you’re new a particular genre or just looking for the latest goings on.

Internet Archive: Live Music Archive
This is a great site for researching live recordings by popular and underground artists alike.

the KlezmerShack
This site has tons of info and reviews of all the various subsets under the category of Klezmer.

Mr. Suave’s Mod Mod World
This is a great site if you’re looking for new mod bands.  There’s even a weekly-ish podcast that he puts out.

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Retailers:   Sometimes it can be real tricky to find that one out of print album you’ve been hunting or self published recordings by a small time band.  It’s best to have a battery of sites to fall back on when things aren’t readily available.

Like them or not Amazon is a major player in internet music sales.  I’ve found their “Alternate Buying Choices” section to be extremely useful for finding out of print records as well as imports.

CD Baby
This is really a great site both for researching new bands and for making the final purchase.  CD Baby specializes on small record labels and self published recordings from a wide range of artists.

Elderly is primarily a instrument related store but they have a good selection of music as well. Much if it is independent releases that you may not be able to get through the major retailers.

Interpunk is a great store that sells a wide variety of punk music.  They even go the extra step of relating band members by each band they were in, very useful.

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